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The Starks were right: winter is coming. This means I will be wearing on layers and layers of clothes. Winters can get pretty cold and unfashionable, but I still try my best.

Below is a list of my IT items for when the temperatures drop below habitable.



boohoo winter jacket

pimkie jacketI’ve been searching for the perfect parka for years. I dislike yellowy-golden hardware, which makes finding a green parka extremely hard. Luckily, last year I found the perfect one in Bershka. It is stupidly long and keeps me warm all the way to my knees (a rare feeling for my 177-centimeter figure); it has silver hardware and the lining is shearling and removable for the perfect autumn raincoat! It is a jackpot in a jacket.



asos clothes jumper sweatherzara sweather

In days when the temperatures drop and I have to walk out of home at 7:30AM, I put on as many layers as possible – a tank top, a t-shirt, a sweater, a jacket, a scarf, a hat.. you name it, I wear. In order to have the ability to move, an oversized sweater is a must. The below cobalt one from ASOS is a perfect color and fit!



velvet leggings

Denim keeps your legs cool (thanks, Lidiya, for enlightening me on that!), which makes jeans the least suitable item of clothing for when it is -20ºC. This is when leggings come to play. I have a pair of greet velvet leggings which I adore – they keep me surprisingly warm, plus, colourful velvet is so in this season. But, if you believe that leggings are not pants (even if they are this cool), you can always opt for the classic tights-under-jeans combo.



dr martenswomen timberland bootsA warm, waterproof boot is a must when it comes to winters in Bulgaria. The melted snow and salt/sand on the streets require you to wear a heavy-duty boot. A classic yellow Timberland boot or a matte black Dr Martens are waterproof, and perfectly balance out the bulkiness of all of the layers that are happening on the top half of the body.



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