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The Fall Trends I Like + a few that I don’t

Autumn is here. Autumn is here. Autumn is here.

It’s getting crispy and cold outside and warmer inside (although as I am writing this, my hands are cold because the A/C is still on low at the office). I am closing the balcony door because it actually gets chilly at night. And I have started wearing my warm dressing gown (I need a new one) which means only one thing – autumn is here.

If you follow me on instagram or twitter or have read this post, you would know that I loooooove LOVE autumn. It’s my favourite because of the weather, the autumnal style, the fashion weeks season, for the whole cozy vibe… Honestly, there are so many things to like about Autumn.

So since this is the biggest season for fashion, the biggest issues of magazines come out in September and so on, let’s talk trends, shall we? 


Prairie dresses

I love, love, love this trend. It is so whimsical. Paired with a nice pair of sock boots, or even western boots, it makes for an amazing, super on trend, outfit. 

Animal print 

For years I have been against all types of animal prints. But this year I find myself lusting after an 80’s inspired leopard jacket. Although it doesn’t come down to leopard this year, with snakeskin and tiger and zebra prints, I am catching myself looking at heavy leopard jackets and wondering if I could pull it off. 


When I was little I had this little brown corduroy pinafore dress, which I was obsessed it. I would wear it with white tights and patent Mary Jane flats, and I was honestly the cutest, if I say so myself. I loved corduroy. It’s such a nostalgic texture. 

Fanny packs

This one surprises me a lot. There is basically only one style of bum bags I like and would wear, (the Gucci one, it is just so cute and symmetrical, I am in love) but I am so into the look of them over a coat or a blazer. So chic!

The trends I am not into


I am just over the western trend. I can only think of the red boots Ted Mosby had. There are some styles that look cute, but they are not for me. 


Just no. I’ve never liked neons, so I am not into this and I don’t think I will ever be. I am more of an earthy-toned and neutrals kind of person. 

Bedazzled everything 

I don’t think this needs explaining. I just don’t see myself wearing bedazzled hair clips, or anything else, really. 

the trends that are out


Tiny handbags

Muppet-like furry coats

Shell jewellery

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    1. Sounds amazing, the burgundy cord skirt ?? I am on the fence for chokers and have been for quite some time now. I think it’s time fore them to go haha

  1. Totally with you when it comes to animal print – oh my gosh, I just can’t get enough of it right now!!

    aglassofice.com x

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