My Birthday Wishlist if I Was Born in the Summer

I am a December baby. And there is still half a year until my birthday and until I actually make a birthday wishlist. However, with all of the amazing launches, and just great summer pieces we’ve had these past few weeks, I decided to share what I would want if I was born in summer. Because I find it weird to wish for sunglasses in the winter, and there are things I wouldn’t buy myself for one reason or another. And there are just a lot of things I want.

Of course, there will be a part II with my actual birthday/Christmas wishlist, just because I don’t like surprises and this would help people get me what I want/need.

Miu Miu glitter sunglasses. These are just amazing, end of story. In any possible colour. I’ve seen them in pink, in black, in rainbow (on the incredible Megan Ellaby). I love the shape, I love the glitter, I love the extraness, I love them.

Fenty Beauty Moroccan Spice palette. This little stunna needs no introduction. Why it would be on my wishlist only if I was born in the summer? Because I would never pay $59 for it. I want it, it is gorgeous, it is absolutely amazing, but I know that I will only use 2-3 colours occasionally. And I would only use them in summer.

Violet Voss Flamingo PRO Eyeshadow palette. I don’t think I need to explain why I want this in the summer, or any other time, really. I hope restocks it after payday.

Foreo UFO Smart Mask Treatment Device. I am not sure I would ever decide to spend £250 on a device ask me again in a couple of years, so if anyone wants to buy me one – you are more than welcome. 

Jeffree Star Mini Rainbow Bundle. This is the cutest thing ever, you get perfect colours and honestly, I know that I personally won’t be able to use up a whole yellow liquid lipstick before the expiration date, so the mini size is great. And for $52 – that’s just a steal! 

AceBeaute Paradise Collection. This is an amazing collection. Although many people said that it’s nothing new or interesting, I think that you get an amazing variety of shades and that this is honestly the best collection if you have no palettes, but want to get in the makeup game. You have all of the colours you will ever need. However, out of the 4 palettes, I am the least excited about the Blossom Passion palette (too much ABH Modern Renaissance and 2017 makeup trends vibes. It’s time to move on from the pinks and purples, thankyouverymuch. Norvina, I am looking at you, too). I am also very confused why it isn’t called Blossom Paradise, because all of the palettes have something with ‘Paradise’ in the name and that one is just… there.

The only reason I wouldn’t buy this on my own is because the shipping to UK or Bulgaria is crazy expensive, so I don’t think I would be jumping on that bandwagon. This meme explains it.

I will stop here, because nobody wants to see everything I actually want. I may start making more wishlists in the future. Would you want that? Would you enjoy reading that?

What would you want if your birthday was coming up? Or if you are a summer baby – what do you want? Let me know in the comments, I’d love some ideas for more things to want. 

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    1. They are amazing, aren’t they!

  1. I love the look of the sunglasses!

    1. They look suuuuper cute! Thanks, Shirley xx

  2. I love the idea of this post! What a great wish list xx

    1. Thanks, Della! x

  3. I love wishlist posts. My birthday is in a couple of months and I have a looooong Mental wishlist

    1. Ohh, make a post about it! I would love to see what you want!

    1. Why did you hate it? I am glad I am not too close to Christmas so no one can play the “You get one big present for both holidays” lol Thanks for commenting xx

    1. Thank you, Katya! Appreciate you stopping by to comment ?

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