Diana off Duty

January was a trial month.

You know how people joke about January being a trial mode and whatever? Well, I took it a little too far now, didn’t I? I stopped blogging (I haven’t logged into my blog since my last post), I felt a bit meh about my Instagram and was quite bad at it. I honestly thought about just starting all over, but have settled with a new name for now.

I desperately needed a new name as at one point I realised that I hated my previous one. I refused to change my Instagram handle just because I didn’t like it. So here we are.

You can now find me under the name Diana off Duty pretty much anywhere – TwitterInstagramBloglovinPinterest, and of course, my blog (you’re reading this here, hello, check the domain name if you haven’t noticed).


I didn’t want to post anything before I had my new name (I love that my actual name is finally in the title, it is what I wanted initially, it just took me some time to get here, as it happens in life in general wow, deep).

I am working on a content calendar and stuff so professional, so please let me know (in the comments below, DM/Reply on Twitter, or on Instagram) if there are specific types of posts you like reading.

Peace, bitches. Get excited about the new things that are coming your way. There are a lot of those.

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