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How To Look Polished in 5 Minutes or Less

With the upcoming holiday season come the parties, sleepless nights, and horrible headaches.

Think about it – you had a late night and are peacefully sleeping only to be brutally woken up by your alarm in the morning. You hit snooze, turn around and realise that this was your 12th time of hitting snooze and you don’t have time. Should you sacrifice your looks? No, of course not. Trust me, less than 5 minutes are enough to look like you put some effort.

byterry foundation serum

A light BB cream

Or anything with a light coverage, really. A light coverage base is easier to work with, because you can quickly apply it with your fingers or a brush and it just gives you a healthy wash of colour in an instant. Something like the ByTerry CC serum (Lydia’s favourite is my favourite!), for example.

Eye brightener/concealer

collection concealer boots

drugstore concealer

You need to wake up your eyes. Using an eye brightener not only covers those pesky dark circles, but it brightens your whole face and makes you look like you didn’t have one too many glasses of wine last night. I love the Bourjois Radiance Reveal concealer and the Collection Lasting Perfection. I use the palest shades, because I am white as shit.


abh brow wiz

glossier brow productMy eyebrows are a thing I cannot leave my house without. Due to a bit of overplucking some 10 years ago, I am now left with really oddly shaped eyebrows and I always need to fill them in slightly. And I know that brows should be sisters, not twins, but mine are not even related! Please, girls, do not overpluck your eyebrows. It is not a cute look.

I’ve been loving the Rimmel Brow This Way duo, however, I would lie if I said that this provides quick results. I believe that a brow pencil would be a better option, or if you have nice brows to start with (lucky!) – a brow gel would be enough.

Blusherhourglass ambient lighting blush

bite buty multistick

You can double-up and use a lipstick, or a multi-use sticks. Choose a fresh shade and add a wash of colour to your face. Make sure you choose an easily blendable formula, as you don’t want to lose time in blending and fixing. Also, if you can choose an extra glowy blusher, such Hourglass Ambient Lighting blushers, you ca forego the highlighter. We are saving time, aren’t we?


Може да използвате и червило за това или някой мултифункционален стик. Изберете си свеж нюанс и придайте малко живот на кожата си. Изберете лесна за разнасяне формула, защото не искате да губите време в разнасяне и поправяне. Също така, ако изберете по-блестящ руж, като Ambient Lighting на Hourglass, можете да пропуснете и озарителя. Все пак пестим време, нали?

Highlightermaybelline master strobe stick

My favourite part, of course. I am extra as hell and seriously never leave my house without highlighter. Choose a creamy formula – not only does it look much more natural on your dehydrated skin, but it is also really easy to blend. I am in love with the Maybelline Master Strobing Stick! So easy to blend, such a nice finish!


essence lash princess mascaraA quick curl of the lashes (if needed) and a wash of mascara – this makes a great difference! I don’t really curl my lashes because I don’t need to, but it does make a difference to your whole look, as it makes your eyes appear wider. This could even be the only thing you do and you would still look so more polished! I am in love with the very budget-friendly Essence Princess Lash mascara. I’m re-buying it for the 3rd time and this has never happened with the millions of mascaras I have tried thus far! It gives volume, length, and is honestly the only mascara I have tried for my 24 years on the Earth that does not get flaky under my eyes!

Pink lipstick

golden rose velvet matte lipstick

A few years back I read that pink lipstick makes your face look brighter and I can most definitely vouch for that. Choose a pink shade that suits your skin tone and watch your whole face light up! I usually go for this Golden Rose lipstick, because it is the perfect colour for me and is extremely comfortable on the lips. Quick tip: don’t use too matte formula (like liquid lipsticks), as your lips are probably dry and chapped and it won’t look their best.

What is your go-to makeup look when you are little too late and a little too tired?

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