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February Recap: Favourites and Non-Favourites

February is over and it is time to recap the things that have happened and have been loving in the past month or so. As well as some unfavourites. 


  • Of course first would be the new and improved The December Dame: I changed my blog design! I am so happy with how it looks now, although I still have to fix some things. Let me know what you think of it in the comment section below! P.S. Those are my eyes on the logo. 
  • My parents came to visit me this month. My mom has never visited me since I left to Sofia for university and it was so nice having them here.
  • I have also been enjoying Instagram stories a lot. Contrary to my initial belief, I am also enjoying this posting every other day schedule that I have going on. I do skip the odd day here an there, but I am going strong. If you don’t yet follow me on Instagram, you can do so from here
  • My toothbrush. I know that this is the weirdest thing to add in a favourites, but I am in love with it. It is the Oral-B Smart 4 4000 toothbrush, and it makes such a difference!


huda beauty, l'oreal, seventeen, NYX epic ink eyeliner, Kat von D everlasting liquid lipstick


  • I can’t really go without mentioning my HUDA Beauty Textured palette rose gold edition, can I? I mean, it is absolutely perfect. It is the best mix of colours for a first high-end palette. I have been looking for the ‘perfect’ palette for months and I am pretty sure I found it! I haven’t used anything else since I bought it, really.
  • The Bioten 3D Hyaluronic Antiwrinkle eye cream has upped my concealer game a lot. I notice much less creasing. This is really the first time I use an undereye cream religiously, so I opted for a cheap one. Please, give me some recommendations on great undereye creams.
  • Seventeen lip crayon in ‘Heartbreaker’. Perfect berry shade for a ‘just bitten’ lip look. I use it just on the inside of my lips and blend it with my finger and it is just such a pretty wash of colour. But you can also use it as a lipstick, as it is quite pigmented and hydrating. 
  • L’Oreal Paradise Extatic mascara. If you have read this first impression/review, you would know that initially I was pretty ‘meh’ about this mascara, but I really love it now. I guess I wasn’t used to the giant brush. Who knows?
  • NYX Epic Ink liner. This is another product which I initially didn’t like, mainly because I am not used to using a pen-type eyeliner. I am used to the thin brushes and basically can’t use anything else. Also, this eyeliner is suuuuper runny when it is brand new and is super hard to get it to work nicely, but after a week it gets better. I love it, though. It is a waterproof formula (I can’t vouch for that, though, it smeared when I was cry-laughing), but otherwise – it really doesn’t budge, doesn’t flake, and you can’t feel it on your eye. It is also one of the blackest formulas I have found, and I have tried a lot.
  • Kat von D everlasting liquid lipstick in ‘Damned’. I bought mine when I went to Florence last year, as Kat von D wasn’t yet sold in Bulgaria. I wouldn’t say it is the most comfortable matte formula, but it is really long lasting. Also ‘black cherry’ is the best way you can describe this colour and I love my dark lipsticks. 

kat von d, huda beauty, seventeen, loreal, nyx



The heavy snow and cold weather in the past couple of days have me love my boots and winter jacket. The boots I bought from CCC (can’t find them on the website) in December and are dark red Timberland dupes. A few years ago I was gifted this handmade scarf, which is the warmest and comfiest thing in the world, as it doesn’t suffocate me when I am with my giant winter parka. 

I don’t really love winter fashion-wise. I have around 5 sweathers and I basically live in them for the whole season. I am an outfit repeater and I am not embarrassed, lol 

winter essentials

As an unfavourite, I would definitely put the Bioten Revitalise my Lips lip balm from this post. You can head over there to see why i didn’t love it.  

Now is your time to share what you loved or hated in February. Link your posts in the comments, or just tell me the products you loved!  

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  1. Loved this post I want to try some Huda eyeshadows as they do look fab! X

    1. Yes, you should! So buttery and smooth!

    1. Yess, you should definitely try them out if you want a really longlasting colour! Thanks xx

  2. A great round up of favourites! Loved this post xx

    1. thanks xxx

  3. Loved this post. I need to try all these beauty products and I have the same toothbrush. I’m literally obsessed, lol! xxxx

    1. samee! Had some issues with the charger and was using my manual toothbrush and the difference was insaneee. Thanks! xx

  4. I love the idea of this post instead of just monthly favourites it’s a lot more interesting to read!!

    1. Thank you, Chloe! xx

  5. Love this post girl! I always love reading about beauty faves! And I love your new layout! Xx

    1. thank you so much, Lucy! xx

  6. The photos you’ve taken are gorgeous and I absolutely love your blog! I had a Kat Von D liquid lipstick for Christmas and I LOVE it, stays on for hours and it’s so nice and not too drying!

    1. Thank you, Ashleigh! It is one of my most favourites, but it gets too drying on me. but i am addicted to lip balm, so it could be me hahahah

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