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Sephora Collection Good Skincare: Clean

Sephora Collection Good Skincare: Clean

In 3 different posts I am going to show you the products in the Sephora Collection Good skincare line. This one will be for the cleaning products (blue label), the next one is going to be moisturisers and hydrators (pink label) and the third one is going to be the brighteners, masks, serums and such (green label). And everything is under $20!

First things first: the blue label. This marks that the products is either a makeup remover, or a cleanser. The range consists of Jumbo makeup removing cotton rounds, Waterproof eye-makeup remover, Micellar water, Micellar gel, Amino acid cleansing gel and White clay mattifying cleanser. I wouldn’t say that any of the products are particularly for dry or oily skin, I do believe that most skin types (that is, without extremely dry or extremely oily) can benefit from these products, even the cleansers. But we’ll be getting onto them later in the post.

about the range

The range is made with over 85% natural ingredients, which puts it in the ‘clean’ section of the store. Earlier this year, Sephora created that section and only the ~chosen ones~ have a place there. While the Sephora brand is not completely cruelty-free (they test on animals only when required by law – like in mainland China), the range is 100% Vegan.

The packaging is made out of recycled plastic or plastic made out of sugarcane residues, which is incredible for such a big chain like Sephora. They are also manufactured in France by a company which limits its energy impact thanks to the use of LED lighting and its progressive equipment of photovoltaic solutions.

make up removers

sephora collection make up remover gel review

 The Triple action gentle makeup remover gel could easily be my favourite one of the bunch. With 95% ingredients of natural origin and a bottle made out of 100% recycled plastic, it is intended for all-around use: eyes, lips and face. It is a no-rinse micellar cleansing water with a texture ideal for delicate skin.

my experience.

No stinging, no burning, just a great makeup remover. And so fun to use! It is a gel so it has a wet feeling at first, but it completely disappears on your skin, without leaving a sticky feeling and there is no need to rinse it off. If you use a lot of waterproof makeup, you might not like this, as it needs a bit more rubbing. However, it removes non-waterproof mascara like it’s nothing. If I was to repurchase only one product of this group – it would be this one.

92% of the ingredients in the Waterproof eye makeup remover are of natural origin and the packaging is made out of 100% recycled plastic (except labels and lid). It is a enriched with Cornflower floral water it boasts great makeup-removing action.

Cornflower floral water soothes sensitive eyes and calms sensitive skin, as it has natural anti-inflammatory properties. If used alone as a toner, cornflower water is said to brighten the complexion and could help with lightening dark spots.

my experience.

It removes makeup incredibly easily, even waterproof mascara, without the need to rub and scrub. In the beginning I had a little issue with it stinging my eyes, but it was only the first time I used it and I may have just rubbed a little harsher. I use it really gently now and it is a great eye makeup remover. 

You need to cleanse your skin after using this, as it has an oily texture (to remove waterproof makeup) so it leaves a little oily finish.

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The line has 2 cleansers – one with Amino Acid, which targets drier skin types and one with White clay, more suitable for oilier skin types. As someone with combination skin, I can say that I have both dry and oily areas. So I tried both cleansers.

sephora collection cleanser review

 Amino acid Clean skin gel boasts a whopping 99% ingredients of natural origin. It is also safe to use around the eyes. The star ingredient is amino acid, which has been derived from beetroot syrup and is known for maintaining skin hydration and preventing it from drying out. It also has soothing Aloe vera extract, and glycerin of natural plant origin, which prevents loss of hydration. Further to that, the tube is made from 62% plastic from sugar cane residue.

my experience.

I use this at night, after I take off my makeup. It has a jelly consistency, it is very gentle and it doesn’t dry out the skin, but it removes all traces of makeup. My cotton round with the toner is cleaaaan after this. I think this would be very suitable for drier skin types, as well as for normal/combination skin. It may be a little too gentle for some oily skin types, but I am an avid advocate of not using stripping products, so I would suggest everyone check this one out.

sephora collection white clay mattifying cleanser review

White clay mattifying cleanser has 96% ingredients of natural origin, it promises to purify and smooth the skin. White clay is enriched with Kaolinite, which is a type of mineral. That is where it gets its other name – Kaolin clay. It works as a gentle exfoliant and it is said that it doesn’t dry out the skin.

my experience.

It truly doesn’t dry out the skin. However, while it is very gentle, I wouldn’t recommend it for very dry skin. I think that it will work for pretty much every other skin time – normal to dry, normal, combination, oily, but it may be a little too much for *very* dry skin. It leaves the skin feeling clean and not stripped, however, the feeling is little more *clean* (not to be mistaken with dry!) than the Amino acid one. I use it in the morning, when I know I will be wearing makeup, as Kaolin clay is actually great at making the pores less visible (There is no such thing as tightening pores, they can only *look* tighter when they are clean), which is why face masks with Kaolin in them are great to use before makeup..


 Triple action cleansing water is made with 90% natural ingredients. It has added zinc in the formula, which helps keep the skin clear and aloe vera, to soothe. The packaging is made of 100% recycled plastic. It is suitable for face and for eyes. 

my experience.

I didn’t experience any stinging or other reaction. It is not exactly a makeup remover, but it does the job pretty well; waterproof mascara is a little tougher, but I won’t hold that against it as it is not a make up remover per se. It is a great product on little to no makeup days, before the actual cleanser, to help it do its job better, or after – to completely clean the skin, as it doesn’t need to be rinsed off.

I also sometimes use it instead of a morning cleanser, if my skin is feeling particularly nice that morning

sephora collection cleansing water zinc

 The Organic cotton rounds are made out of 100% organic cotton fibers, obtained without chemical treatment or added colour. The packaging is made out of 80% recycled plastic.

My experience: Extremely soft and giant. Which is great. I usually prefer bigger cotton rounds for removing makeup, as I don’t have to use 10 a day. 1 or 2 of these are enough for me to remove a full face of makeup. They are a great solution if you want to go a little more eco-friendly with your cotton rounds, but find that you cannot use those reusable ones (I know how many times I’ve tried and failed).


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