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Sephora Collection Good skincare: Treatments

Sephora Collection Good skincare: Treatments

We’re finally at the fun part – the special care. Or the green label. All the things that aren’t just your basics, the things that work a little harder for your skin, like serums, face masks and exfoliators. They fight blackheads, dull skin and pores. As I have already mentioned, everything in the line is under $20.

about the range

The range is made with over 85% natural ingredients, which puts it in the ‘clean’ section of the store. Earlier this year, Sephora created that section and only the ~chosen ones~ have a place there. While the Sephora brand is not completely cruelty-free (they test on animals only when required by law – like in mainland China), the range is 100% Vegan.

The packaging is made out of recycled plastic or plastic made out of sugarcane residues, which is incredible for such a big chain like Sephora. They are also manufactured in France by a company which limits its energy impact thanks to the use of LED lighting and its progressive equipment of photovoltaic solutions.


Formulated with natural Vitamins C and E to provide radiance and protect the skin from environmental factors and Natural Peptides From Marine Algae which are known for its tightening effect. 

This serum helps increase radiance, improve and even-out the skin tone. It is formulated without mineral oil, which is great, and the packaging is recyclable. The outer packaging is composed of cardboard from sustainably managed forests and printed with vegetable ink.

my experience.

It brightens the skin, it gives me a very subtle glow even on my bad skin days, and it sinks in very quickly and doesn’t leave a greasy layer. I use it in the morning, before my moisturizers (the plural makes sense if you read this). It has a very pale yellow colour to it and no odor, which is normal for Vitamin C. It isn’t normal if it starts turning darker yellow or orange, that means it has oxidized and it no longer serves its purpose.

sephora collection vitamin c ultra glow serum

exfoliating products

sephora collection good skincare bright skin exfoliating scrub review

An exfoliating scrub formulated with volcanic sand and marula oil, both from natural origin, to exfoliate and smooth your skin. A gentle, but effective formula, which brightens your skin and is suitable for all skin types. The packaging is recyclable and 61% is made out of sugar cane residuals.

my experience.

If you’ve been following me on social media for some time, you’d know that I am not a fan of physical exfoliators. I prefer chemical exfoliators as they are easier, less messy and are gentler ( sometimes ) to my skin.

Luckily, this one is made with volcanic sand, so if you like physical exfoliators – this is a great option. It is gentle, but super effective and is suitable for all skin types.I use it twice a week.

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sephora collection glow pads

In a jar made out of 88% sugar cane residuals, you get 60 pads soaked in exfoliating formula, which will retexturize and smooth the skin. It is said to work against pores, acne and blemishes. The formula contains Glycolic acid from sugar cane, which should help break down the bonds between the dead skin cells and in turn reveal the bright skin underneath. There are also Natural Peptides From Marine Algae, which help tighten the skin and Aloe vera, which is known to sooth skin. 

my experience.

The pads have two sides – one is smooth and one is a little embossed. You use the textured side. Sephora say that this isn’t very suitable for oily skin and I would think so, too – it is incredibly gentle. The products doesn’t ‘actually’ contain Glycolic acid, it has sugar cane extract, which you would need a really high concentration to get the potency of actual Glycolic acid. прекалено нежен. Всъщност, това, което открих е, че вътре няма гликолова киселина, а има екстракт от захарна тръстика, за който е нужно да е в много, много по-висока концентрация, за да има потентността на гликоловата киселина. 

The solution is not sticky and you don’t need to rinse it off, so they are great on the go. However, after some research I found that the pH of the product is slightly above what’s considered optimal for exfoliation to occur. 

All in all, it’s a good product if your skin isn’t sensitive and if you’re new to chemical exfoliation. 

face masks

A formula suitable for normal, combination and oily skin. It targets blemishes, oiliness and pores. It contains zinc, which is known to reduce the apperance of imperfections and white clay, or kaolin, derived from rocks, which is known to mattify the skin.

my experience.

I already praised this little mask here. It is an amazing product to use before makeup (of course, you are supposed to add your other skin care after washing this off, please don’t do like those Instagram stars who seem to go directly onto makeup after using a peel off mask or mud mask or whatever). Another reason I like this is because it is incredibly easy to use and remove. Something I hate about clay masks is that they are usually hard to remove and I sometimes need a muslin cloth or a face towel, which I don't want to use every time I do a face mask.

sephora collection good skincare mud mask review


Formulated with over 89% ingredients from natural origin, this face mask is made with glycolic acid and aloe vera to remove blackheads and smooth the skin after the first use. You won't find any raw ingredients from animals and the packaging is recyclable and printed with vegetable ink. 

my experience.

I love this. I use it every time I feel that my skin is that bit more clogged than normal. It is incredibly easy to apply. I find that most peel-off masks are annoying to apply and remove and I just make a mess with them. This one is definitely much, much easier to use. Any residue come off with just a bit of water. It also dries down fairly quickly, which is great for me because I am very impatient.

The one thing I don't like about this is that the second ingredient is denatured alcohol, which we know is a 'bad' ingredient. However, I am not *that* diligent with it, like I said - I only use it when my skin reeeeally needs it. I currently keep my skin in check with the aforementioned exfoliating products (+ one or two other similar to them), which work well together. I don't recomment using products with alcohol denat. in them as they can be very irritating in the long run.

However, you see results after the first application - my pores are clean and my skin is smooth and soft. There is also teh fun factor - you can look at all the gunk it takes out of your pores. Enjoy! :) 

sephora collection blackhead peel-off mask

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