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Lush - part 1

Lush - part 1

I don’t know how to explain this to you, but I have been sucked into the Lush obsession. It’s been a long time since I wanted to try their products but I wanted to take a whiff of them in store. However, every time I walk in front of their store, I get a headache from all of the scents. Plus, I am incredibly uncomfortable when there are actual salespeople in stores. #justgirlythings

I got these as a PR from the brand. I always get a little giddy whenever I get sent PR. It really pushes me to continue with all of this. I sometimes get the feeling that all the typing and photographing and stuff in just not worth it and how the followers count is the only important thing for brands. But then I get a person who tells me that my reviews are actually useful, or that my looks on Instagram are cool and I think about that for weeks on end, smiling every time. 

But that’s a topic for a completely different post. We’re talking about Lush now.  

DianaoffDuty uses affiliate links and these products have been gifted by Lush Bulgaria. 

This post is not sponsored. Read the disclaimer for more info.

Here is some information on the brand. 

1. Lush are completely cruelty-free. That means that both the ingredients and the final products aren’t tested on animals and they don’t sell in countries where testing on animals is mandatory (like China). They don’t work with delivery companies who test on animals and they lead a few campaigns against that. 

2. Their products are handmade. There is a drawing and the name of the person who made the product you have in your hands on the packaging. 

3. They use fresh, organic fruit and vegetables, essential oils and safe synthetics. A small amount or no preservatives and packaging.

4. Their ingredients are always vegetarian and some of them are even vegan (this means that some products don’t even have honey, which is a very used ingredient in Lush products).

After we know all of this, here comes my review. I will show you the products that have a packaging in this blogpost and in a future blogpost, I will review the ‘naked’ ones (nothing spicy, people, nothing spicy).

honey Lip scrub

lush lip scrub review

I wrote about what I liked about this product in the caption of this Instagram photo TL;DR: I liked pretty much everything. 

I am a total convert and have stopped DIYing my lip scrubs. I never used to see a reason to spend money on something like this, because I have honey and sugar at home. But honestly, using a store-bought lip scrub is just less messy and more comfortable. I exfoliate my lips much more regularly and my lipstick just looks better.

lush honey lip scrub

Mask of Magnaminty

This was the main product I was dying to try from Lush and I was super excited when I saw that they sent me it. I wanted to buy it when I use up all of the face masks I have, but it seems that I will use this one up before those, 

I use it once every 2 weeks (I have it on my face while I am typing this), or as needed, because there are ground aduki beans in it for exfoliation and I am quite regular in my acid exfoliation. 

The scent is gooorgeous – you can smell the peppermint oil and it just leaves a super clean and fresh feeling after use. Kaolin clay is a well known and widely used ingredient, which controls oiliness, soothes rashes and it gently exfoliates. There is added exfoliation from the ground aduki beans, which are much more gentle than the ground kernels in some other exfoliating products (I’m looking at you, Kylieskin).

This is a cult product and I think that everyone who has tried it loved the effect of it. I keep it in the fridge and it just adds to the fresh feeling after use.

lush mask of magnaminty review

It's raining men shower gel

I would usually never choose a product with a honey scent for myself. I always feel like they will be too sweet and sickening, so I don’t even take a whiff of them. This shower gel has nothing too sweet to it and it just makes me feel luxurious for some reason. You can definitely smell the honey, but it feels like a really juicy peach which has just a bit of honey on it. It’s amazing. I don’t know what to write about a shower gel, though. It doesn’t leave my skin dry, but I wouldn’t say that I can go on my day with no lotion. It’s just a heavenly scented, non-drying product. 

It lathers up nicely, if that’s something you’re after. On Lush’s website it says that it gently cleanses the skin. I do feel cleaner after I use it. 

I really don’t know what to tell ya. Go try it, you can thank me later.

lush it's raining men shower gel


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