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I mentioned in the previous post that I got the new L’Oreal mascara new L’Oreal mascara everyone has been raving about. I read here and there that it is a dupe of the Too Faced Better Than Sex, but I have never tried the Too Faced one and it seems ridiculous to spend so much money on a mascara I am going to throw away in 2 months. Just a preference.

However, although it is not a bad mascara, it is nothing special. It did not make me think „wow, this is amazing“ at most it made me think „I am never trying the Too Faced one“. It just did nothing better than my favourite Princess Lash mascara by Essence Below are pictures with no mascara, with one coat and with 2 coats (excuse my weird ass eyebrow).

I am starting off with letting you know that the Paradise Extatic mascara definitely has a drier formula. I give it a month or two before it gets too dry to use.

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It did give my lashes volume, but it didn’t really do much else. The second coat is definitely not needed as it just made my lashes clumpy, but did not add any length or volume. The photo was taken after I brushed my lashes out with a clean spoolie.

However, the good news is that it did not flake. Like, at all. I’ve been using it exclusively for the past few days and it did not budge. I usually go out at around 7:30 in the morning and am back home at 17:30. The other day we went to a dinner party at my boyfriend’s mom’s and I wore the mascara for more than 12 hours and it did not flake, it did not move, I had the same nothing-special lashes as I did at the beginning of the day. You can see that in the below photo (the quality is horrendous, but this is fake bathroom lighting coming at ya) and I tried my best not to wipe my undereye area as much as usual (the concealer is really getting at me sometimes, but I will review it next time).

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