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Avon Mark. Brow tattoo Micro styler

Avon Mark. Brow tattoo Micro styler

avon brow tattoo review

The moment I received and swatched this product I got mad. Like, okay, not mad, it is only a bad brow product, I t's not *that* big of a deal. But I was convinced that I hate it and that my review would be terrible. I decided to actually test it and let's say that I don't hate it anymore. It is nowhere near 'I like it' or even 'It's okay', I am too particular with the stuff I buy with my own money. And I would never spend my money on this. 

Disclaimer:I won this at a giveaway and no one expects me to write about this.е Even if they did, boy, oh, boy, are they in for a treat. 

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First of all, this is pure red. I requested a medium brown (they come in 3 shades). I am a fake redhead, but my eyebrows are naturally dark. My natural hair colour is auburn, so it has a red undertone. When you have dark brows and bright red hair, the taupe colours look very unnatural (we are going for the natural beauty, arent we?? 😉 ), which is why I usually prefer warmer, redding undertones for my brow products. The ABH dipbrow pomade is peeerfect for me. If your brows are lighter I would recommend the pomade in Auburn. 

avon mark. brow tattoo review
avon mark. brow tattoo review swatch

When I swatched it at first, it didn't look that red. But when I removed it... oh when I did. The cotton pad was the same colour as it is when I remove my trusty Fenty lip paint in Uncensored. Pure red. 

The photo of the swatch is taken after I've tried to remove it without scrubbing. It's weird, because it is easier to remove from my eyebrows than it is from my hand.

The other thing I didn't like is how liquidy this product is. I usually keep my liquid products with the caps up so gravity can do its thing, but this product defies gravity, which results into a heeeell of a lot ink being deposited to the tip. 


If it wasn't so liquidy maybe, just maybe, it would have been easier for me to make it look.. presentable even in this colour. 

Avon mark. review

Then I put it to the test.

I then decided to really put it to the test - I went out in it. I applied it to the tails of my brows only, because I cannot make this work for the front of the brows. Unless you're into block brows, you just can't use this in the front of them. If you do like that look... you do you, I guess. 

I wore it for a whooole day. I applied it around 8:00am-ish and removed it at 10pm-ish and it didn't budge during the day. But the weather was okay, it wasn't too cold or too warm. It was super easy to remove with just a Bioten micellar water. 

The idea is great. I know that this isn't Avon's innovation, because this type of product has been around for some time. I like the 3-pronged tip, it really makes the brows look microbladed (the prongs could've been a tiny bit smalled, just saying). 

4/10 is the maximum I could give this product before they fix the colour. 

Have you tried this or a similar product? What were your thoughts?

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  1. Girl this does sound interesting… if they work on the product further I might try it out in the future 🙂

    x Lisa | lisaautumn.com

    1. They need to work a bit on the colours, but it is actually a cool product! I believer Benefit had something similar a while back, and MAC currently have one, which is just 1 felt tip x

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