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3 steps to your best bra size

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3 steps to your best bra size

I am going to talk about the correct bra size and types of underwear. I have always had trouble finding my correct bra size. And I have always thought that the correct bra size can make or break your entire outfit..

Luckily, the digital world we live in makes it incredibly easy for us and big websites like Astratex offer online consultationswhich will help you choose the best bra size for you.You only need 3 measurements in order to do that - topbust, underbust and waist. You type them out in the correct fields and you get the correct size. And in the Astratex.bg website you will for sure find the best underwear , your new pyjamas or even a gift for someone special. 

But let's see how we can find out if we are wearing the correct bra size.

Great style needs great basics.

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What does your bra size mean?

There is a major wrong understanding that big cups are only reserved for curvier bodies. This is really not the case and let me explain why:

Your cup size is proportionate to your band size.What does that mean? For example, if you wear 75B and the cup lays correctly, but the band is moving up on your back - you need a smaller bandsize. You need to go down a band size and up a cup size - getting a 70C. If it is still big on you - try 65D. In these three sizes, the cups are actually pretty much the same size. 

What does the correct bra size look like?

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1. The band

The band of your bra is what bears the most weight, which is why it is so important to be the correct one. The back of your bra should stick to your back, without being tight.If it is too tight - the band is just too small for you. A general rule of thumb is that you shouldn't be able to insert more than 3 fingers between your skin and the band. 

Also the clasp (if it is on the back) should be at the same level as the fron side of the bra.If it goes up - you should try with a smaller band size. 


2. The straps

Since most of the weight should be in the band size, you could check the straps to see if you are wearing the correct band size - they shouldn't sig into youyr skin. Often the pain we get in our shoulders or neck is from the wrong size band, in which case most of the weight goes into the straps. 

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3. The cup

The cup of your bra isn't really doing much in terms of support. It should follow the natural curve of the breasts,it shouldn't dig into or 'overspill' - that is a sign that you need a bigger cup size. There also shouldn't be space between the cup and your skin.

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  1. When choosing your new bra,always clasp on the other clasp. Since the band is elastic, it usually relaxes after a few wears. This gives you more wears out of the bra - just clasp the other buttons when the band gets too big.
  2. if you are buying an everyday bra - stick to neutral colours and simple lines.This way you will get the most out of the bra and you will be able to wear it with most of your outfits. 
  3. Seamless underwear in beige is a perfect option for white, light and tight clothes. I do not recommend white under light clothesbecause it is always visible. The correct beige tone for your skin becomes invisible under your light clothes. 
  4. A great strapless bra will give you great freedom when choosing an outfit, as well as freedom of movement! In the photos below you can see the Wonderbra от Astratex.bgwhich blends into my skin perfectly, giving me the option to wear it under most of my outfits.
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