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Ролерите за лице от жадеит – полезни ли са всъщност?

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Ролерите за лице от жадеит – полезни ли са всъщност?

Може би сте чували за ролерите за лице, тъй като много нашумяха в последните години. Често обещават, че намаляват подпухналостта, успокояват раздразненията, намаляват тъмните кръгове и дори изглаждат фините линии.  Но успяват ли да изпълнят всичките си обещания? Вече от няколко месеца използвам ролер за лице, като имам може би най-популярната версия – от жадеит. 

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1. Benefits of face rollers 

2. Benefits of jade rollers and how to take care of them

3. How to choose the correct face roller for us 

4. How to recognize real jade

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benefits of face rollers

The massage you achieve from the face roller is very calming and полезен при подпухване и леко ‘извайване’ на лицето. Не очаквайте чудеса, обаче, ролерите са изключително нежни и ефектът от тях е временен. Тоест, когато не използвате ролерът повече от ден, извайващият ефект изчезва.

People often say that rollers help with the lymphatic drainage of the face, but the truth is that there is no such thing. There is a minimal amount of lymph nodes in your face and there are zero researches that can confirm that the face needs lymphatic drainage.

Някои хора казват, че помага за по-доброто попиване на продуктите в лицето ви. Отново – няма изследване, което да потвърждава тази теория. Може на някого да му се струва така, защото просто си притиска лицето с нещо, но ефектът е по-скоро същият като просто да притиснете с ръце.

Face rollers не се препоръчват при налични проблеми с кожата (розацея, чувствителна кожа, спукани капиляри, акне, херпес и др.), защото продължителният масаж и засилването на циркулацията на кръвта могат да влошат проблема.

Jade rollers - benefits and maintenance

Used in traditional Chinese medicine, jade rollers are not a modern concept. This type of stone was used for removing negative energies from the body and balancing of the chi energy, 

Jade is naturally cold stone - even when held it stays cool. Very beneficial for depuffing, which is the reason I have it in my morning routineafter I have applied all of my lotions and creams, but before SPF. 

It is best to apply a rich cream or a face oilwhen using a roller, just so you don't pull the skin and create unnecessary fine lines. 

If you have a jade roller - always rinse it with lukewarm water and gentle soap before and after you use it and dry it with a clean tower. Since it is a porous stone, jade has the tendency to keep bacteria in it.

нефритен ролер dianaoffduty
depuffing face

When choosing the facial roller...

How to recognize real jade?

Keep in mind that jade is not a cheap stoneso every roller that sounds like a great deal is most like just glass. However, do keep in mind that although it is not cheap, it isn't anywhere near the price of a diamond - 1kg of jade retails for about 500 USD. Mine (with the metal and the handle) weighs about 150g which I believe is an okay weight for this type of rollers. Simple maths show that a price of about 50-60 BGN is quite normal for this type of roller.

Пазарувайте само от места, от където получавате сертификат за автентичност. Beautyblossom.eu send an authentication certificate with every jade roller.

As I mentioned - jade is naturally cold stone.When held in your hands, it feels cool and smooth.

Hold it in front of direct sunlight - if you see felt-like texture in it, it is likely to be real. Real stones are irregular and uneven..

You can also try to scratch it with a needle or the tip of scissors - real jade is very resistant and it shouldn't have a scratch on it, Acturally, it should be able to scratch glass and metal, but we are talking about rollers here - they should be smooth - so this test would not be relevant. Keep in mind, though that there are different type of jade/nephriteand some are a little softer and may be able to be scratched.

bottom line.

Освен приятното хладно усещане и мощното действие срещу подпухването, ролерите за лице са си лукс, който не е задължителен в ритуала на всеки. За мен лично е изключително приятно да наблюдавам как it depuffs my face in the morning which is why I continue to use it. It also adds a touch of luxury in my skincare routine, which just using products really cannot give me. 

There are rollers out of every stone and material in the world - rose quartz, white quartz, jade, metal, etc., etc. Keeping in mind its functions, assess how much you believe in the useful properties of different stones and if that is something of importance to you. If not - just look at what stone has the best upkeep and price.

Do you use any additional tools in your skincare?

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