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Quick morning skincare routine

i prefer quick morning routines. I love sleeping and I refuse giving that away, Pus, simple is great, right?

My skincare in the morning consists of 5 steps - cleanse, thermal water, moisturizer and lip balm. I will need to add eye cream soon, though, because I may be under 25, but I smile a lot.

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Currently, one of my favourite facial washes is the Cleansing Foam by AvèneI like French cosmetics and a few years ago I fell in love with Avène. However, since in the winter my skin is a bit drier, I usually compensate by using a heavy duty moisturizer (like the Avène cold cream)I've been reading great stuff about the Milky Jelly Cleanser by Glossier and I think I might try it this winter.

I usually use whatever thermal water I have. I currently use this Vichyone, because I got it in a set with the day and night creams from the Aqualia Thermal line.

My moisturizer is the aforementioned Vichy Aqualia Thermal day cream. I love it! It sicks in very quickly and my skin is left soft and hydrated. Great base for my foundation, too!

In the morning I use the Nivea Lip Butter in Vanilla and MacadamiaYou can find lip balms literally everywhere at home, because I have issues, but this one I keep on my vanity because it is incredibly nasty to use it without washing my hands first. It smells divine and it leaves the lips hydrated for a long time.

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