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Kiehl's review

kiehl's review diana off duty

Kiehl's review

I know that I took a longer time than usual to post this Kiehl's review. I actually lost the draft 2 times, so now I need to write it again. But I can now also share some good news to everyone who is in Bulgaria (check your own country's policy if this is available to you, too). 

На 18 май, магазинът на Kiehl’s отвори отново, като за да подсигурят високо ниво на сигурност, започнаха тяхната CALL & COLLECT програма. Това означава, че можете да се обадите по телефона между 10:00 и 17:00 и да резервирате продукти, които искате да купите, както и да получите персонализирана препоръка. Когато отидете до магазина продуктите ще ви очакват опаковани, с цел възможно най-кратък престой. 

And here is the good part - until the end of May, with every reserved order under 100BGN you will get 1 mini product and 3 samples. For every order over 100BGN - you will get 2 mini products, 3 samples and a Kiehl's travel bag. For more information go to Kiehl's BG instagram page.

Not only does it loosen up and remove the dirt and grime on your face, The Kiehl's Ultra facial cleanser also takes care of the natural pH balance of the skin. Formulated with squalane, apricot kernels oil, vitamin E and avocado oil, the Ultra Facial Cleanser is suitable for all skin types, even the most sensitive ones. 

Squalane is key ingredient is Kiehl's products and it comes from olives. It is incredibly similar to the skin, which makes it sink in very quickly and it is famous for straightening and restoring the natural skin barrier, which keeps you skin soft and supple.

The Apricot kernels oil has Vitamin E and unsaturated fatty acids. In Kiehl's formulas, it helps moisturize the skin. The product is also famous for neutralising free radicals. 


my experience.

Thick texture which doesn't create a lot of foam but deeply cleanses the skin - that's what you can expect from the Ultra Facial cleanser. Suitable for both morning and night, it will cleanse every built up dirt and grime without leaving the skin stripped. 

I cannot compare the feeling it leaves to any other product I have used and this cleaser quickly became a favourite of mine. I've been using it as a second step after removing my makeup or if I'm feeling my skin 'clogged'. It cleanses the skin, leaving it soft, moisturised, but without oiliness. 

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kiehl's creamy eye treatment avocado dianaoffduty

I have tried this product before and I loved it. At that point I only had a little sample but now I have it in full size. 

After using it for quite some time I can say 2 things - very moisturizing and you need a tint amount when you use it, so it is very sparing. 

Described as a hydrating eye cream, clinically proven for decreasing puffiness and brightening the eye area after just one use. Formulates with avocado oil, beta-carotene and sea butter to improve the eye area and reduce fine lines, dry areas, improve the texture and give all-day hydration to the skin. 

Creamy eye treatment with Avocado protects the delicate skin around your eye from the so called 'digital fatigue', which you get after a prolonged use of digital devices that emit blue light. 

my experience.

I really admire the absolute unique texture of this product. At first it seems really heavy and oily. However, once you start applying it, it turns into this light, watery texture which sinks into the skin almost immediately. Your under eye skin really feels moisturised all day long. 

My skin around the eyes is very thin and every vein is visible, which makes removing the dark circles practically impossible with just a single product. However, the skin looks brighter (with no glitter!) after the application. I use it morning and night, because my eye area is drier, so it can really take the moisture. Applying concealer on top is a bliss, and even the matte formulas look great. 

kiehl's creamy eye treatment avocado review diana off duty
kiehl's ultra facial cream review

The unique ultra-light texture of the Ultra facial cream provides 24-hour hydration. Formulated with glacial glycoprotein and squalane, this cream is going to momentarily improve the look and feel of your skin, even the drier areas. 

The glacial glycoprotein in the formula is extracted from sea glaciers and is known for thriving in extreme temperatures. It prevents water loss and the skin feels deeply hydrated and protected during the whole day. 

my experience.

The texture is really so light that even my combination skin handles it pretty well. I use it whenever my skin feels a bit dry, but I would avoid using it under heavier foundations, like the Estee Lauder Double wear makeup, especially if you have oily or combination skin. I had major issues with that combo. However, under lighter foundation formulas, your skin feels great. 

It keeps the moisture and softness of the skin during the whole day. Because it helps with hydration, my skin also looks better during the day and doesn't get as oily as normally (here you can read about the link between oiliness and lack of hydration). If you skin tends to get very oily,I recommend using a mattifying primer on top of this. 

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