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How to Feel as Happy as You Look on Social Media

how to be happy during quarantine dianaoffduty

How to Feel as Happy as You Look on Social Media

I actually started writing this post a long time ago but somehow, it was never the right time to post it. So I thought - what better time than a pandemic, right?? Just kidding of course. But in a time when it's maybe hard to feel happy, I am here on my white horse to show you my non-bullshit formula for happiness. 

Everyone wants to be happy. Of course we do, we see everywhere how that's the most important thing. Some people find it in material things, others - in spiritual, I have never found happiness in the new things I buy, Of course I feel good because I bought something I've wanted for a long time, but that's not the happiness everyone means. That's satisfaction.You satisfied your desire to have that thing, Although, I would like to add that buying this trench coat would not make me sad. However, I am also not a very 'wanderlusting' or the 'very into travelling' type of girl. I like new places, but the idea of the travel in itself makes me nervous. And I am also not a very religious or spiritual person. I tend to go for logic and facts over belief. 

Those are thoughts for another time, though. Actually, a few years back I found the 'formula' for happiness. After that I found that I am not the first one, but I did think of it myself so...I am counting it is my own.

diana off duty how to be happy
how to be happy during quarantine dianaoffduty

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"Happiness is a journey, not a destination."

Although I understand how nice it feels to think that we will be happy when we have something (or someone!), that feeling of satisfaction is temporary, only until our hormones are back to their natural state. However, now we have no money or a broken heart, too.Which is why we go into a vicious cycle of finding new things (or people!), which we think will bring us happiness. 

I wouldn't say that the opposite of happiness is sadness; that would mean that you lose happiness and something comes in its place. Happiness is not a destination, it is the whole journey. Happiness can be overshadowed by thoughts and events, but it is still there. I would say that the opposite of happiness is indifference. And I feel that only those who know what real indifference is, will know what I mean.l 

For my 26 years oh, dear on this planet, I have learnt that the most important thing is to know yourself.Everyone should know what they can and can't. How their brain works, how you react in different situations. You need to know first what makes you feel unhappy in order to be able to respond to it; to remove that thing that overshadows your happiness. Everything is a reaction to something else. Realism was a reaction against romanticism. Punk was a reaction against the hippies. My whole existence in the Internet world is a reaction against everything I read on the daily. 

Your happiness shouldn't be dependent on something that can be broken or lost. Because you will live in fear of not only breaking the material thing, but losing the part of you that makes you happy. Happiness should not be dependent on things that change overtime.

It should be in you. You should be so content with what you are, what you have, what you don't have, the things you are, the things you aren't and the things you will be, that there is just nothing that will come in the way of your happiness.

The formula is simple:

how to be happy dianaoffduty

If you don't like something and you can change it - change it.

If you don't like something and you can't change it - accept it.

Change the things if your life that you don't like. Change everything you wish to be different. Stop complaining about things you cannot change. Either change them or accept them.

Accept the things that you cannot change, even if the reason for that is that you just don't feel like it (although personal growth is important it sometimes happens that we don't have the desire to change something. And there is nothing bad. But stop complaining about it if that is the caseC.) 


You spend the most time with yourself. That's 24 hours, 7 days a week with your thoughts, you face, your body. Why would you spend all that time with someone you don't like? How much time do you spend (voluntarily) with people you don't like? Do you try to change every minimal thing in your friends*? No, you accept them for who they are, because you can't change them*. Why can't you do the same thing with yourself? 

Who says that you should be the same person for your whole life? Who says that you can't change your beliefs, your values, your personality, your looks, your location. You can change everything about you. No one said that I will forever have a bowl cut and thank God for that. 

И с този пост искам да ви покажа, че дори и най-големият противник на basic ass bitches може да бъде a basic ass bitch. И съм го приела. 🙂 

*if you go our with people you don't like or are trying to change your friends' habits just because they annoy you, you're a terrible person. i don't make the rules.

What would you do for happiness?

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