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Empty Products October '19

glow recipe blueberry bounce gentle cleanser review

Empty Products October '19

I’ve wanted to do an empty products post since forever, but my products look horrendous by the time I empty them and I just can’t show them in that state.

I cut the tubes, I remove caps and stoppers on glass bottles, I do so many things to get to the absolute last drop of product, I just like getting my money’s worth from a product. However, some are not even worth using up.

So here are a few products I have tried or used up this month.

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Alverde Aqua 24H Hyaluron Hydro cremegel

This one I directly threw out after trying it just a few times. It is sticky and just doesn’t hydrate as much as it should. If I use a tiny amount it’s alright in texture, but it’s not moisturising enough. If I put another light layer on top – it starts pilling. If I use too much at once – it is sticky. There is really no winning with this one.

vichy aqualia thermal review

Vichy Aqualia Thermal Rehydrating cream Light

I got this little Vichy Aqualia Thermal tester kit. It had the Mineral 89 daily booster, the Aqualia Thermal Rehydrating cream Light, and the Dermablend Fluid corrective foundation. I’ve tried the Rehydrating cream before and I liked it them, and I liked it now. It’s light, but moisturising and it works great under makeup. A basic moisturiser everyone should try.

Vichy Dermablend Fluid Corrective Foundation

Medium coverage, it stays put all day and has a natural, demi-matte finish. I wouldn’t recommend it for dry skin, but it is great for any other type, in my opinion. It didn’t separate on my skin and I had no issues with the colour oxidizing on me. The colour I used was 25, which was a tad bit too dark for me, but it was workable. I would definitely buy the full size at some point. 

Vichy Slow Age Daily fluid Moisturiser

I got a tester of this too. It has a little tint to it, but it doesn’t show on the skin. I can’t say anything about it slowing down the appearance of ageing signs because my skin doesn’t show too many signs of ageing. However, I didn’t enjoy it that much as a moisturiser. It would be best if you use another moisturiser on top, especially if it is one with more antioxidants, because this product just doesn’t have enough of those, for a product that boasts about that. It feels that my skin just needs a lot more of it than I’m used to and I need to keep on layering it. It’s just a little too light for my taste, but it may be great for oilier skins.

Glow recipe Blueberry Bounce Gentle Cleanser

I got this travel size of the Glow Recipe’s Blueberry Bounce gentle cleanser from Cult beauty about a couple of months ago so it lasted pretty well. Do keep in mind that I use different cleansers, depending on my skin’s needs, so I didn’t use this every single day. It’s going to last much less if you use it every day, as you need about 2 pumps of product for best results. It’s a good basic cleanser – it removes the last traces of makeup, it doesn’t strip the skin, but it really doesn’t do much more than that. I wasn’t wowed, like I was with the Elemis Superfood facial cleanser forever my favourite.

glow recipe blueberry bounce gentle cleanser review

Vichy Mineral 89 daily booster

My favourite empty product this month.I’ve been meaning to try it out ever since it came out and I finally did. i know that I’m going to buy the full size. It gives a great boost of hydration for my dehydrated skin, it makes the skin look plumper and it just helps the moisturiser a little. I guess that’s why they call it a booster.

Mixa Hyalurogel 48H Intensive Hydration

I would definitely call this a dupe for the Vichy Mineral 89 Daily Booster. The only difference between the two would be that the Vichy one is much lighter in texture. They both visibly plump my skin and provide a boost of hydration. I like them both, I would buy them both.

vichy mineral 89 booster reviw
mixa hyalurogel serum

LA GIRL black eyeliner

I didn’t like this. At all. Too hard that’s what she said and just not pigmented enough. Not my cup of tea. I now bought the Sephora one and I like that way better.

pixi rose flash balm review

Pixi Rose Flash Balm

I’ve used this Rose Flash Balm multiple times, in multiple ways. I used it as a mask, as a booster, everything. It does absolutely nothing for my skin. My skin doesn’t feel any better or any worse. It’s just an unnecessary step in my routine, so I’m ditching it. 

Pixi Rose cream cleanser

Pixi Rose Cream Cleanser is one of the 2 products from the Pixi Rose line that I like. This is the other one and you can find my review hereIt took me forever to finish it (once again, I use a few different cleansers so it really isn’t surprising that this lasted for over 6 months) and I am still not completely done with it, but I’m getting there, so I am counting it. It’s a really nice cream cleanser, it cleanses the skin, but it not only doesn’t strip it, it mousturizes it a little. A great cleanser for the morning, to be honest.


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