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How I combat dry winter skin with natural ingredients

Winter is here. It’s cold outside, I wear a tank top underneath my sweathers you should be proud, mom, my gloves which I can use my phone with, ofchave a permanent residency in my bag, and my skin is dry and chapped because of the weather outside and the air-con inside. Marvelous.

Abogea professional line

The dry sskin on my hands is my biggest issue. I wash them often and that dries them out a lot. I keep a bottle of this lotion by Abogea created by my manicurist, who is the only person that I would ever let touch my nails on my coffee table at home and at my desk in the office. It smells absolutely amazing of whipped cream, sinks into the skin quickly and completely, and nourishes the skin thanks to the natural ingredients. You can use it as body lotion, but I love it as hand cream, which is why I mostly use it on my hands and feet – I lotion them up after shower at night and put on some thick socks.

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Abogea professional line

One of my favourite things is the natural balm for dry skin. It is amazing for the cold season due to all of the oils (almond, cocoa, coconut and macadamia) it has been made with. I use the one with lavender oil, but there are also ones with mint oil,lemon oil,rose oil, and cocoa butter. Perfect for the rough skin on your knees and elbows, it softens it up quickly.

What are your favourite natural products?

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  1. Oh thank you for the recommendations girl!

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