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Christmas gift guide 2020

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Christmas gift guide 2020

Every year comes the time when we have to choose Christmas presents and when everyone throws ideas at you. And while we know exactly what we want to get some people, there are others, which we... really don't know what to buy. Hi, I am the second type - people never know what to get me and I am a 'terrible person for buying gifts', as stated by my friends. YouTube  

I divided some of the categories into 'men' and 'women', but you know - most of the things can be great options for everyone. 

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The Fashion lover

the man

Tie/bow tie and cufflinks - I now that not all men wear shirt but I am sure that if you choose the correct ones - eveyone will want.

Watch box - if will be useful for everyone with more than one watch.

Cool socks - I know, I know. But EVERYONE loves socks!

the woman

Silk scarf - I don't think you can go wrong with this. One of the most multifunctional things in my wardrobe. I wear them as headbands, as hair elastics, on my neck, on my hand or even on my bag! 

A headband from diadema.bg 

Jewellery - byvela have amazing pieces. As a more budget-friendly option, I would recommend 4stories, because they have some gold-plated ones.

A bag - makeapointIf you have been following me for a while, you would know how big of a fan I am of the Transformer cluthes! 

A jewellery box,, jewellery plate,, jewellery stand



You can never go wrong with brush sets - I recomment Sephora collection, MAC, Zoeva. 

The Body Shop makeup remover setis suitable for everyone who wears makeup, even for sensitive skin.

Lush gift kits - suitable for vegans, non-vegans, everyone. 

LED mirror could be a great gift for everyone wearing makeup. Because you can never have enought light or enough mirrors. 

Hydrafacial is a great procedure to gift to anyone. You see a great difference even after one treatment! 

A similar one would be the annual skinchek at Dr. Denkova Dermatology- it would be a great gift for anyone who wants to learn more about their skin. 


All 'smart' things make a great gifts. Google home ( have the mini and I love it.) 

Smart watch I've had the Samsung Galaxy Watch 42mm for a year now and it was a great 'from me to me' gift. 

Electric diffuser - great for the skin, great for aromatherapy. 


The Secret Santa.

Air fresheners are great options. Smelly rat (for the people with sense of humour),, Moments now (for the vegans),and for everyone else -  I/tems

Coasters are also a great gift for everyone. 

I have received a scarf for Secret Santa multiple times, and I wear all of them. I recommend handytrendynetDelicate wool 

Foldable travel cup - useful for all handbag sizes and I find it much more practicle than normal travel cups and bottles. MyEcoSwitch have great options for bottles.

Cocktail set - quite niche, but we all got some new hobbies this year. Shaker, jigger and a spoon are the basics every cocktail enthusiast needs. 

Why not at-home painting with a glass of wine?Suitable for beginner painters - who knows, they could even start a new hobby from this.

The one that works from home.

After this year, we really need this category.

Every type of home sets, pyjamas, (the Ивана Александрова x Affect Sleepwear Christmas collection is great this year, too), dressing gowns, and slippers are great options. 

Make their life a little easier by gifting them this amazing tray.

Maybe you have already heard, but Mojo-Gift now offer at-home wine testing.

Gifts with a cause.

I saw that Ipsy made a great list of these. Click here to check it out on Instagram.. Има страхотни идеи и всички идват с някаква кауза (… затова е и името. 😀 )  

Here is another blogpost from Rada from ThriftSheep with other ideas. 

Are you done with your Christmas shopping?

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