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What I’m Buying to Dress Better This Autumn

What I’m Buying to Dress Better This Autumn

So, here’s the thing. Autumn is my favourite season. I love the crispy weather, the leaves, dark lipsticks, soups, pumpkins, blankets, and everything autumnal you can think of.

But I mostly love autumnal fashion. 

September is the January of fashion, with the most important magazine covers, the most important fashion shows and everything and anything. Autumn is when I feel the best with my outfit, as I love layering, but it’s also not too cold to wear zipped up jackets and coats that hide your outfit underneath. It’s when you can get the MOST creative with the way you look. And I sure love being creative. 

This year I have become more aware of fabrics and I’m trying to find pieces made from natural or semi-natural fabrics that won’t break the bank. You can imagine how hard that is. I realise that some things I won’t be able to find in store for less than the price of my right leg, but the closer I can be to a wardrobe full of nice fabrics, the better. 

I’m not only doing this for sustainability. Although that’s a major topic these days (I have some opinions on it), I have come to realise that polyester, acrylic and nylon are just *terrible* for my skin. So I’m looking for natural, breathable fibers for my own sake. 

So here are the autumnal pieces I want to buy.

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I love an oversized look, although it is quite hard for me to find things that don’t look weird on me. I have tiny shoulders and anything that doesn’t really fit me looks like I found it on the street. But I will be looking for a cool oversized blazer.

Trenchcoats are *the* thing to have every autumn and I still don’t have one. I’m looking for something beige and long which is going to look great with pretty much anything. 

I love turtlenecks and mock necks, so the more I have, the better. I’m looking for wool and cotton pieces. 

Menswear blazer




Khaki trousers

Mock croc structured hand bag

Green and buttery yellow

This trend is so adorable. The cropped versions, worn as tops with nothing underneath is such a granny-but-make-it-thot look, and I’m loving it.

I’m getting into cargo pants. I’m going to live out my Kim Possible dreams. So, I want some cargo pants, and some nice, tailored beige/camel ones which I’m going to wear with everything, really.

A structured bag is what I live in. Even my backpacks are kind of structured. I love the croc effect, as it just gives that extra something to a basic bag. 

Green and yellow are deffinitely the colours I turn to the most when autumn comes around. This year, of course, I’m looking into pistachio green tones and buttery yellow. 

what are you going to buy for this season? do you try to be sustainable?

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