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August recap: Favourites and Unfavourites

It is time for an August recap. August is my least favourite month of the year and I just always wait for it to be over. It’s too hot, it’s horrible, there is nothing to do, unless you are on a holiday but you know, can’t take a whole month off (although it would be nice). I just don’t like it. 

September is finally here. The mornings are becoming crispier. We are in that time when it’s 15C in the morning and 28C in the afternoon, but I can get over that because I know that my favourite weather is just around the corner. I just want to wear my leather jacket, is it too much to ask for?


MY BLOG HAD A COMPLETE MAKEOVER. I am SO excited, it took me SO much time to make it look like this. Everything has been created by me, every single part of this little space. I do have a few things to tweak and I am trying to find the cheapest way to do that, but I am SO excited. Let me know what you think in the comments below! 

Ariana Grande’s new album, sweetener. I love Ariana as an entertainer – she is so funny, she has such a big personality and is so pleasant to watch her interviews. However, I am not a big fan. Her music most of the time was just… nothing interesting. Not bad, not amazing.. just there. But her new album is the BOMB. It is super pop, so if you’re not into that, you won’t like it anyway, but it is so different and there are so many styles mixed into it, it is amazing and I love it. Successful, God is a Woman and breathin are my faves. What are yours if you like it? 

I went to see my family and had a proper rest. And let me tell you what an amazing time it was. I did nothing. It was 5 days of pure nothing. I just watched all of the Tasty videos on youtube and that was about it. Looking at my step counter on my phone, I had an average of 120 steps a day, so please imagine how full of nothing my days were. Amazing. 10/10, would recommend.


I got a pair of checked shorts by Gina Tricot which I have been obsessed with during my days off. Too bad they are too short to wear to work, but I can’t wait for the weather to get colder so I can wear them with my favourite blazer as they go SO WELL together. 


Pixi Glow tonic. I love it, I have no idea why it took me so much time to try it. If you haven’t tried this, YOU SHOULD. But please check with a dermatologist if your skin can tolerate it, or do a patch test first. 

I have no unfavourites. I just can’t think of anything that rubbed me the wrong way. And that’s nice! 

What did your August look like? 


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    1. Thanks, hun! it took me 3 full days and a tiny breakdown ?

  1. Girl I feel you on the jacket situation, I left my flat with a cardigan on and I was cold but i’ll Be boiling drivinh home later. Every time I see someone mention pixi I get the desire to online shop!

    1. This is the worst, isn’t it ?

  2. Love your favourites post! Your new blog design is lovely, I’m loving it xx

    1. Thanks, Della!! ?

  3. Your new blog design is amazing! I have also been loving Arianna Grande’s album, she is just amazing!

    1. Thank you so much, Evie! xx

  4. Your blog looks so…serene (for lack of a better word). I’m an ardent fan of Ariana Grande as well. It seems you’ve had an eventful month. 🙂

  5. My blog had a complete makeover as well!! And yes, August is waaaaay to hot.

  6. It’s always a good feeling to give the blog a makeover. It looks great! I love Pixi products! I need to go out and get some tonic, so thanks for the reminder! 🙂

  7. I still have to jump on the Pixi train! Gotta try that.

  8. Love hearing about those days of rest! I usually love being full steam ahead 24/7. I’m always baking or creating something or going off on an adventure, but I recently had a very chill weekend and LOVED it. We all need a break sometimes!

    1. Exactly! A break is beneficial for everyone!

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