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Are Christmas Gift Guides Over?

I recently stumbled upon a WordPress post (sorry, I don’t remember the blog. Let me know if you know it so I can credit them accordingly!) asking if Christmas gift guides are over. And I have been thinking about this ever since.

I find that every year, each blogger or website post extensive Christmas gift guides – for parents, grandparents, beauty junkies, fashionistas, tech lovers, vegans and so on and so forth. But are they helpful?

How many of you have found the information in such gift guides actually useful? Have any of you clicked on such a guide with the idea ‘I don’t know what to buy my mother-in-law, let me check for something on the interwebs’ and actually saw anything in the gift guides, and went ‘Yes, that is perfect!’ and then went on to buy it? I know I haven’t.

Gift-giving is such a special thing. Choosing the perfect gift for someone, a gift they don’t expect to receive and are so surprised and so happy that they finally have that thing.

Aren’t gift guides just a list of not-so-special-but-really-nice things? Or am I way too picky about everything, including the gifts I give?

Let me know your thoughts on this in the comment section below.

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