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April Recap: What I Loved and What I Didn’t

The end of this month quickly creeped in, as usual, and I was once again thunderstruck by the fact that months do change every 30 days or so. No, but really, where did April go? I am very scared that my final exam is coming up in July and the months are just rolling and rolling and it always seems like I don’t have time to study, between work, blog, Instagram scheduling, other personal things and binge-watching YouTube, of course.

That pessimism aside, though, this month has been pretty cool. It actually felt like spring, something that hasn’t happened for more than a day in the past few years, and I could wear a third piece without the need to check if the whiff of B.O. in the tube comes from me or not (thankfully, it was not once from me. Yet.).

mountain nature


  • Picnicing on a cliff. Growing up in the fields of Dobrudzha has defined my character enough for me to be unable to take comfort in heights or in walking on tiny slippery rocks. Being extra as hell doesn’t help either, because I just had to wear my shiny shoes. It was kinda worth it when I sat down on the blanket and looked around, though, not gonna lie.
  • A trip to Thessaloniki – We did go to Thessaloniki just at the end of the month with the idea to visit the Street Food Fest and fill ourselves up with gyros. The Food Fest came to be a bit of disappointment, though, as there were mostly burgers and hot dogs, which, although still delicious, were not what we expected. Still filled up on gyros, but we had to spend some 10mins to find a place. We will definitely return to Thessaloniki as there are super cool streets, food and it is only about 4 hours away.
  • Finally managed to meet up with my oldest friend – we’ve been friends for 18 years now! It was a short and sweet one, but I am thinking of visiting her in Berlin at some point, hopefully soon!
  • Huawei P20 Pro, which I have been waiting for since autumn! This is the first phone I have ever signed up for the pre-release to have it in my hands as early as possible, because this is the absolute best phone on this planet.



  • I went back to my fave Essence Princess Lash mascara. It’s super cheap and super amazing. Nothing much to say here, really.
  • Garnier Micellar Oil Infused Water. I have been using the original pink one for years, but I finally decided to try out the Oil infused one. While I feel like it does need to be cleansed off the skin and it does smell a little weird to me, I do like it a lot. It takes off my waterproof mascara in seconds with no rubbing at all.


  • The amazing glittery shoes in the picture which I am not sure how I lived without. I cannot find them anywhere but these Marc Jacobs ones and these Chinese Laundry ones are great dupes for them!
  • This Valentino-inspired bag, which I have been wanting to restock ever since I stalked a girl at my university;
  • These amazing Boohoo pants, which look gorgeous and are super long, which doesn’t really happen often when you are 177cm tall.

april favourites

There wasn’t anything that I particularly didn’t like this month, but I have a feeling that next month there will be a few. Stay tuned! 

What did you love most this month? Let me know in the comments below! 

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