Diana off Duty

Hi, I am Diana. This is my place to share my thoughts and opinions on things from makeup and fashion trends, to mental health issues. 

When you read my reviews of products, keep in mind that I have combination, very pale, neutral-toned skin. I love luminosity and can’t stand anything matte, so mattifying products will be marked as „no bueno“ from my side.

My hair is also normal, it doesn’t get oily too quickly, but I have been colouring it for the past couple of years or so, so it needs a lot of TLC to look good and be healthy. 

If you want to talk to me about anything, please use the e-mail contact@dianaoffduty.com.



All of the featured items are purchased with my own money unless otherwise stated. I always give my honest opinion in any review I write, whether the product has been gifted or not. I will only accept items that fit the style of my blog or are something I would purchase anyway.


All content is written 100% by me, unless otherwise noted (e.g. a guest post). If I have been paid to write a post, it will clearly be marked as “Sponsored Content” or that I am teaming up with a specific brand/company for the post. All opinions expressed are entirely my own and I am always completely honest in my reviews. If a product is bad or didn’t work out for me, I will be sure to tell you. 

All images are mine, photographed by me (unless otherwise noted, in which case there will be a link giving credit to where the image was found). You are welcome to share my photos on your blog or website, but you must give full credit back to me and my blog. 


I use ShopStyle and Amazon Affiliate to generate some extra funds to help with how much time and money goes into running this blog. It’s not easy, y’all. Every click/buy is greatly appreciated. 

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