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A What’s in my bag – end of 2018 edition

At the very beginning of 2019 I come at you with a very honest ‘what’s in my bag’ post. I am usually quite good and keeping my bag tidy at the end of the week sometimes less than that, it really depends on how many crap I have accumulated that week. This week month I have not tidied my bag, and at the moment of writing this, I have not yet seen what’s inside. 

I know that have this thing of keeping every single receipt I have been given in my bag. And I always keep my receipts. I got a coffee? I’m keeping the receipt. I got a lip balm? I’m keeping the receipt. It has become really stupid at this point it has always been stupid, who am I kidding, as most shops have bins in front of them. 

So here’s what I currently have in my bag, at the end of 2018 I am ashamed. 

what's in my bag 2018

Here it goes:

A business card for handmade wool blankets, 2 bobby pins, translucent hair ties, 7 receipts, a Sephora gift card, loose change, a single caramel candy, a mirror, sunglasses, 4 used public transport tickets, a flash drive, earphones, a dead battery, a nail file, 2 lip glosses, a lipstick, a lip liner, a tin box I use for tampons, Nurofen, Strepsils, gum, painkillers, a pack of plasters + a single plaster lying on the bottom of my bag, 3 different perfume samples, my wallet, 3 pens (no paper found to write on, wtf), a knife, a makeup bag. 

the makeup bag there are: 

Coldrex, more painkillers, Beefeater stickers, another single plaster, a pencil sharpener, Analgin2 toothpicks, a cotton swab for IQOS, a pair of gloves for dying hair, loose hair ties.

визитка за ръчно изработени вълнени одеяла, 2 фибички, безцветни ластици за коса, 7 касови бележки, ваучер за Sephora, стотинки, карамелен бонбон, огледало, очила, 4 използвани билета за градски транспорт, флашка, слушалки за телефон, изхабена батерия, пила за нокти, 2 гланца за устни, червило, молив за устни, кутийка за тампони, Нурофен, Стрепсилс, дъвки, обезболяващи, пакет лепенки + отделна лепенка, 3 различни мостри на парфюми, портмонето ми, 3 химикала (без хартия за писане), ножче и несесер. 

в несесера има: 

Колдрекс, още обезболяващи, стикери Beefeater, още една лепенка, острилка за моливи, Аналгин, 2 клечки за зъби, клечка за IQOS, ръкавици за боядисване на коса, още безцветни ластици за коса. 


what's in my bag 2018

What I didn't put in the photos:

I also found a pack of these Real Techniques brushes (I’m going to review them in a post), 2 broken hair clips, a lip balm I hate, gloves and a pack of candy, which I have for when my blood sugar level drops. I did not photograph them because there was no space left to fit them in and honestly, I couldn’t be arsed to find such.

It’s so weird how many painkillers and tablets I keep in my bag, since I use them so so so rarely. I used to keep a plastic spoon in my bag before, just in case, but I took it out. Of course, about a fortnight after I did that, I needed it. So I’m not taking the painkillers out! 

what crap do you have in your bag?

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