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5 Things I Have Stopped Buying to Avoid Clutter

Minimalism. The world has started shifting to a much more minimalistic approach to life. With movements like Freeganism (living a cost-free life by garbage-surfing and borrowing from friends) and people turning to zero-waste living, the human race has started taking control over keeping the planet litter-free. But although we clean our wardrobes, homes and lives, what do we do to avoid gaining the said clutter? Below are the things I have stopped buying in order to live a more minimal life and, let’s face it, cut on the tidying time at home.


Although I have never been big on buying and subscribing to magazines and newspapers, I still used to get the occasional magazine. But with smartphones, and tablets, and even 2in1 laptops (such as the Lenovo Yoga series), we have the opportunity to gain all of the information online at a much faster rate. Many magazines and newspapers are weekly or monthly, meaning that the information in them is mostly outdated. I do hang onto a few BBC food magazines for dinner inspiration, though.


Don’t get me wrong, I don’t mean I don’t buy clothes at all. I mean I have gained control over the shopping addiction I have acquired in the beginning of my college years – when I moved to the big city full of malls and sale signs. I have started thinking about the style, about the materials. I avoid polyester in the summer, because I know that although that sheer polka dotted blouse is cute, I will sweat  profoundly in the 40 degree weather in Sofia. Or although that tight dress is super classy, how many times am I going to wear it? Think before you buy.


This, along with the sale signs, was also a guilty pleasure of mine. Whether it was going out with friends, or going to a job interview, I would quickly revert to just buying new clothes, which I ended up wearing once or twice. Since then I have taken a new approach – when I pick up a skirt or a blouse, I start thinking of ways I can wear it both at the office during the weekdays and during the weekends.


Again, I have never been big on candles. I used to stock up on the Vanilla IKEA candles , though, buying 4-5-6 at a time, but I would rarely burn them. I currently keep 2 in my wardrobe, because they are so strongly scented and give a tiny bit of vanilla scent to my clothes. I use an automatic Glade air freshener (Mom’s baking is the best scent for fall/winter! Smells just as if someone is baking a delicious apple pie) and it does an amazing job at scenting the whole living room and kitchen space. In the bedroom we have one of those stick diffusers (like this Zoella one), as it tends to give off a more subtle scent. I usually go for Lavender scented ones because we are obsessed with Lavender smelling things, and it helps you sleep better (or so I’ve heard).


Pots, pans, mugs, and things just-because-they-would-look-good-somewhere or just-because-they-are-cute. Firstly, I don’t have enough space to showcase everything cute. Also, having so many things just leads to them gathering dust hidden somewhere.

What do you do to avoid clutter at home?


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