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Top Trends To Start 2018 With

Hello, 2018! We are officially out of 2017, we can leave it behind, where it should be, and it is time to adjust our style accordingly. 2018 is going to be exciting. Hopefully. Below I have listed what I believe will be the top fashion trends for the beginning of the year.

Dress like gelato

mango lavander dress

If you want to start 2018 with a banging style – dress like your favourite Italian dessert – gelato. Take the pastel colours of it, like yellow and lavender, and work them into your wardrobe. I have really been feeling the lemon-sorbet-kind-of-yellow lately and I am struggling to find something similar to the below knitwear which I cannot find on its own the Zara website (help me!) If you click on the picture below, you can buy the leggings, though.

yellow zara sweather


Come to the dark side 

asos dark denimAnother major trend this year is really dark and polished blackish-greyish denim. We are saying goodbye to rips and fraying, which served us good, and are saying hello to clean, dark washes.

Like A Virgin

stuart weitzman white sock boots

asos highneck white dress

Feeling bridal? All white outfits were all over the Fashion weeks last September. For the colder weather wearing a white form-fitting dress with a chunky white cardigan and white sock boots is how I see this trend.

Bring me a sharpener

The classic look of the pencil skirts was found in almost every show for the upcoming season. Combine them with a slightly over-sized top and sock boots (I am really into sock boots, don’t mind me) and you have a comfortable, yet elegant outfit!

Which trends are you going to start 2018 with?

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