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’18 Beauty and Fashion Resolutions

It is that time of the year again. The time of the year when everyone decides that starting now they will change their life. Everyone will become their healthiest and best self.

For the 24 years I have spent on this planet I have found that nothing starts with a Monday, a beginning of a month, or a beginning of a year. So I have decided that I will not try to be a health guru all at once, but instead I will slowly gain progress and by the end of the year I will be able to say that yes, I got better at these things. I might even make a check-in in the middle of the year to track my progress.


By the end of the year I will be wearing more colour and will be taking more risks with things I think don’t fit my style. I am guilty of buying mostly basic pieces in black, white and grey. And to be honest, I open my wardrobe and I am bored. I am not very excited to wear even the new things I have bought. This is something I have been trying to change for the past few months, but it is still going to take such a long time to break the Do You Have This In Black habit.

Health & Beauty 

Going on the same note, I want to start taking more risks with my makeup. I have been stuck in the neutral-shadows-and-black-eyeliner rut for quite some time now. Although I do like colourful #FOTDs I never seem to find the occasion for it. I will try to make my own occasions for colour – for example, it is Tuesday and I am going to wear a yellow eyeliner.

I also want to find the perfect skincare routine and stick with it. I want to start masking every week. I love face masks but rarely find the time for it.

I will start using SPF more regularly. Being this pale would make you think that I use SPF on the regular but alas, I don’t. I usually make sure that my moisturizer or foundation has SPF in it, but I know that it is much better to use a separate SPF product. Give me recommendations, please!

I also need to be more aware with my health and make a few doctor’s appointments and tests which I have been procrastinating for the part couple of years.

And most of all, I want to focus on quality. As much as this goes for my material possessions, I also see it as spending quality time with the people I love. Instead of trying to squeeze everyone and everything in a day, I will try my best to spend more time with each person in my life.

These are all of the things I would like to get better at by the end of 2018. I am raising my G&T to a better year for all of us, because I believe we can all agree that 2017 was just weird.


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