What I Bought From the Drugstore and Quick Reviews

I must confess – I cannot walk out of the drugstore without at least 1 thing I absolutely don’t need. HOWEVER! I did it yesterday. Or almost.

I mean, I didn’t need a new mascara, but I’ve been wanting to try the L’Oreal Paradise ever since I started seeing USA bloggers talk about it! Is it really that good? A review will follow, for sure!

However, I did need a gentle face wash, a moisturiser, and an eye cream.

Excuse me for the horrible quality, I did not turn the HDR option. Oops. I will do better next time.

To be fair, I end up loving every Mixa product I have ever bought (except for the tinted moisturiser/BB/whatever, as the Light colour is waaay too dark for me). But I never really go for them all that much. I have no idea why.

The Anti-dryness cleansing cream is actually amazing. I have been going on without cleansing anything (just the Garnier Micellar water) for about a week and to be fair, my skin was not very happy about it. However, the moment I used this my skin felt much better, no exaggeration! And the only dryness I felt was from the water. You know, there is difference between dryness from a product and dryness from hard water. I think that the Glossier Milky Jelly cleanser would be the same. Will have to buy that and see if they are actual dupes.

I am not yet able to give you much feedback on this Mixa Soothing cream. It is by no means bad, I just rarely find WOW moisturisers. It feels much heavier than my Vichy Aqualia thermal, but I expect that from a moisturiser in the winter. It has added glycerin, which is what provides softness.

Many bloggers compare the L’Oreal Paradise mascara to the Too Faced Better Than Sex. I have not tried the Too Faced one (I can’t really bring myself up to spend so much money on a mascara, since I know that there are great options in the drugstore – like the Essence Princess Lash which I adore!), but I do have my opinion for this. Stay tuned for the review!

That’s it for this trip to DM. To be fair, I don’t have a DM near me any more so my spending has been cut down a lot.

Have you tried any of the products?

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